Supplement Red Flags and scams


Some of the most well-known and biggest supplement brands frequently employ deceptive methods to inflate product claims and reduce manufacturing costs, charging customers extra for inferior goods.

Common product red flags to avoid:

1. Proprietary Blends

A “proprietary blend” is a group of ingredients that may disclose most ingredients, but not the exact amount. The total weight of the blend per serving might be indicated, but the dosage of each main ingredient is not stipulated next to it.
Products may include only trace amounts of the active components, but the consumer would not know it.

2. Amino Spiking / Fake Protein Content

By adding less expensive amino acids like creatine, taurine, and glutamine, companies deceitfully increase the protein claim per gram on protein powder labels, producing lower-quality and less effective products.
When selecting a protein powder, steer clear of any protein powders that list “Protein from nitrogen calculation” or “Protein including AA’s” under the Nutritional Information section. This is a common tactic used in protein powders with “extreme/overhyped” names and most mass gainers.

3. False Claims / Quick fixes

Miracle pills simply do not exist! You won’t see results overnight; your journey toward health and fitness will take time, effort, and a great deal of dedication.
So use your common sense and stay away from any product that makes outrageous claims like “miraculous results”, “lose 20 kg in 7 days”, “block carbs”, “male enlargement”, “fix your love life”, “prevent”, “treat” or “cure” any medical condition.

4. Celebrity / Influencer brands

Most celebrities have little to no knowledge on supplements or health products and could care less if they promote overpriced, ineffective or unhealthy products, as they get paid millions to deceive their followers. We’ve all seen celebrity-fronted supplements advertised on YouTube and social media, which doesn’t automatically make them legit and it’s best to avoid these products without doing research into them first.

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