Alpha Sports Nutrition® sponsorship




Alpha Sports Nutrition® receives a large number of individual Sponsorship applications each month. We do appreciate and value every application we receive however please understand that it is not possible to sponsor everyone.

Before you apply, please understand that sponsorship is a two-way street – we give you something – you give us something, and we expect all athletes to be 100% committed to Alpha Sports Nutrition® . We are very passionate about the brand and we want you to be too.

Important Individual Sponsorship Requirements:

  • Show excellence in your area of sporting performance.
  • Consistently enter and place in the top at competitions/games/events.
  • Show your passion for the Alpha Sports Nutrition® brand and products.
  • Recommend and promote the products you use to friends, family and on social media.
  • Product purchase history / Must have used Alpha Sports Nutrition products for a minimum of 3 consecutive months.
  • Must be based in South Africa (No International Sponsorship)

Social Media Requirements:

  • Must have a large social media following (5000 minimum real “active” followers) on major social media platforms.
  • Must follow Alpha Sports Nutrition® on all social media accounts (Instagram & Facebook)
  • Must show real and genuine interest in the brand by interacting (liking, commenting, sharing) Alpha Sports Nutrition posts.

Successful athletes will be required to:

  • Understand and use the Alpha Sports Nutrition® brand on a regular basis.
  • Frequently promote Alpha Sports Nutrition on social media. (This includes sharing your experience with the products and why you use them.)
  • Actively promote Alpha Sports Nutrition® to other athletes, friends and your community.
  • Train and compete with the Alpha Sports Nutrition® logo displayed on your bottles, clothing, equipment etc.

Sponsorship Terms/Conditions:

  • We do not work with any 3rd party sponsorship companies or agents and DO NOT offer monetary sponsorship. If you are seeking monetary support, do not submit a sponsorship application.
  • An order history will be looked upon favourably through receipts, which must be kept. We are looking to sponsor athletes with a passion for the brand, extensive personal experience and results from the products used.
  • Due to large volumes of daily sponsorship requests, we will only contact you if we see potential in the sponsorship or event.

If you are certain that you meet all of the above criteria, you can apply for sponsorship by submitting a professional presentation or athlete CV to



Please provide the following detailed information when applying for an event partnership:

  • Contact information
  • Social media links
  • List of past events and attendance
  • Confirmed / Expected  attendance
  • Event Time; Date and Duration
  • What you wish to obtain from the partnership with Alpha Sports Nutrition®
  • Current sponsors on board (They should not conflict with Alpha Sports Nutrition® brand and products).

Minimum Event Sponsorship Requirements:

  • Minimum confirmed attendance = 25 individuals +
  • Provide a professional and detailed proposal
  • Only 16 years and older in attendance
  • Do not request any monetary amount

Please take note that we prefer to be informed of events at least 14 working days in advance to make all the necessary arrangements for a successful event.