The topic of Natural vs. Artificial sweeteners is quite controversial in the fitness industry. While many consumers and athletes are increasingly becoming more health conscious, there are still many defending and downplaying the possible damaging effects of artificial sweeteners.

Let’s get straight to the point. Will artificial sweeteners damage your health?

Scientists are divided in their views on the issue of artificial sweetener safety and the research provided. Some research indicates that it is perfectly safe to consume in moderation with almost no side effects, while on the other side of the table, there’s alarming research indicating the possibility of extreme health damage such as carcinogenic effects (cancer causing), brain tumors, liver toxicity, insulin resistance, depression, seizures and many more less serious effects.

Why do most supplement brands make use of artificial sweeteners?

It’s extremely cheap and very easy to create magical flavors with, masking the unpleasant taste of raw ingredients used in supplements.

Natural sweeteners come at a much higher cost and is generally more difficult to work with.

The choice ultimately comes down to the emphasis you place on your health and well-being. Are you willing to risk your health with products supposed to support your health, yet packed with artificial chemicals cooked up in labs, or will you choose products with healthier ingredients which your body can easily break down naturally?

Since the inception of ALPHA SPORTS NUTRITION, we have lead the way with healthier product alternatives, always placing quality and the health of our consumers first. We strongly believe that natural and safer ingredients should be prioritized in all health supplements, especially with more and more food sources in the world becoming increasingly chemically modified to speed up manufacturing and cut costs all at the expense of the consumers health.