As athletes and health conscious individuals, we share your passion for health and fitness, as well as the frustration of not being able to train at your favourite gym, box or cycling/running group. However, we understand that it is up to all of us, individually and collectively, to do everything in our power to slow the spread of the virus and to create time for our health systems to respond effectively. Stand Strong, Stand United.

In the weeks ahead we will be providing healthy recipes, home based workout tips/videos and motivation to keep you fit and healthy during this period.

As we enter uncertain and difficult times with the National Lockdown in place due to the rapid rise of COVID-19 cases locally and worldwide, we at ALPHA SPORTS NUTRITION® will continue to assist our valued customers where possible and will operate on a scaled down business basis as we fall within one of the essential categories allowed to operate:

  • Manufacturing of health related products, supplies, devices, equipment, and medicines, including complementary health products; food and essential products, as well as essential inputs thereto.

Our manufacturing facilities are working on skeleton-staff basis (minimum employees allowed to operate manufacturing) with extremely strict health and safety protocols in place, which will unfortunately lead to slow production output and low stock levels in the coming weeks. We are still able to send out bulk orders and ensure stock at most of our retailers/pharmacies that falls within the same category by making use of our specialised freight service.

We want to encourage you to support your independent local pharmacies and small/medium retailers as they will mostly be affected during and after the lockdown. Please consider your fellow South Africans, practice responsible buying, avoid unnecessary bulk buying, practice social distancing and follow the prevention procedures as outlined by NCID.

What fitness activities are allowed during Lockdown?

  • Train inside your home or outside in your yard.
  • No walking of dogs or any form of exercise allowed outside of your home/yard. (Regulations updated 25/3/20 at 20h00)

How will Online Sales be affected?

  • Online sales will still be open and available, however the collection and delivery of orders will be suspended until 16 April 2020 and will only be collected on 17 April 2020.
  • Deliveries will be done on a “No Contact” basis as we will be enforcing stringent health and safety protocols.
    When our Couriers arrive at your delivery address, they have been instructed to ring the bell/knock on the door and stand back at a safe distance (2 metres). The Courier will place the item at your door and wait for you to answer.
  • The Courier will present you with a scanner (handheld device) to sign on, which will be sanitized before requesting you to sign.
  • There is also an option for you not to touch the scanner, and the courier will leave the parcel in a Safe Place on your instruction. This will require the courier to photograph you and the Safe Place where the parcel is to be left.


  • All Couriers vehicles are in the process of undergoing a deep clean.
  • Couriers have been instructed to sanitize all touch points in the vehicles frequently.
  • Couriers all carry sanitizers and wipes to frequently wipe down their hands and scanners.
  • All couriers and depot staff have been educated in respect of the Corona virus, the symptoms, how it spreads and prevention.
  • They have also received training on how to minimize the risk of infection to themselves and our customers.
  • Couriers have been issued with latex gloves and masks for utilization in the delivery process.

How can you help?

  • Please remember to wash your hands regularly before and after receiving delivery or handing over a Pickup.
  • Please avoid direct contact with the Couriers such as handshakes

Stand Strong. Stand United.

Team Alpha